European Symposium on Acoustic Comfort in Urban Design

The Bilbao municipality, in the framework of the Life project QUADMAP, announces the European Symposium on Acoustic Comfort in Urban Design, in Bilbao on 27 and 28 November 2013.

This conference is focused on the presentation of successful examples of urban design considering acoustical comfort or soundscape approach and it will also give us an opportunity for discussion regarding the role of urban design elements to develop acoustical comfortable urban spaces.

The Bilbao municipality has a strategy for the improvement of citizen’s quality of life with the environmental comfort of public spaces. This inquietude leads to an interest of knowing innovative and successful practical experiences and reputable researchers and stakeholders.

In this framework, Bilbao municipality will present the rehabilitation of an urban square, with a designing process in which sonic challenges for soundscape improvement were considered in the context of the particular environment and location.

You can find below the links for the registration to attend the event.

As the time available is limited, please do not be late for the registration.




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