Noisy Planet lança campanha voltada para população rural

A campanha Noisy Planet, desenvolvida nos Estados Unidos, lança uma campanha de conscientização da população rural jovem sobre os perigos da exposição a altos níveis de pressão sonora

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Some people may think a farm is a quiet place, but if you live or work on one, you know that isn’t always the case. Combines, tractors, and even farm animals can create a noisy environment that puts your hearing at risk. That’s why the NIDCD has developed materials for parents of children who live and work on a farm to help them develop healthy hearing habits that can protect their hearing for life. Did you know that…

  • A tractor with a closed cab, on average, can expose the operator to noise levels of about 85 decibels, and prolonged exposure to any noise at or above 85 decibels can cause gradual hearing loss?
  • A woodshop, pig squeals, or a tractor without a cab can reach 100 decibels or higher—roughly the same noise level as a snowmobile?
  • Grain dryers and chain saws can reach 110 decibels or higher?

To learn more about protecting your family’s hearing and to order the new farm-friendly materials, visit the Noisy Planet website at Also, you can now follow Noisy Planet on Facebook at

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