Data limite e outras informações sobre 163o Encontro da Soc. Americana de Acústica

Tuesday, November 15, 2011, is the deadline for receipt of abstracts and payment of preregistration fees for corresponding authors, and for preregistration at the early-bird rate for everyone planning to attend Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong. This joint meeting will be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, May 13-18, 2012. It is the 163rd Meeting of the ASA and the first meeting of our Society in Asia. Submission of abstracts and preregistration are through the conference website, As announced last week and recapped at the end of this message, the fee for submitting additional abstracts has been reduced from $550 to $200.

To encourage participation in the Hong Kong meeting, ASA is offering grants to support (1) travel for young investigators, (2) travel for students, (3) preregistration fees of early career members, and (4) reimbursement of preregistration fees for students. Qualifications and instructions for submitting applications for these grants are outlined below.

This historic meeting provides a unique and exciting opportunity to establish networks and collaborations with our colleagues in China and other Western Pacific Rim countries. Many ASA volunteers have worked hard to organize this meeting and make it a success. I realize, however, that your participation in Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong comes at a premium both in time and cost. Many of you have voiced your concerns and communicated suggestions for improvement, which have been heard. We have been able to react only to some of these, but certainly all your suggestions will inform organization of future joint meetings by our Society.

I appreciate your input and hope to see you in Hong Kong next May.

Mardi C. Hastings
President 2011-2012
Acoustical Society of America
Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502
T: 516-576-2360
F: 516-576-2377

1. Young Investigator Travel Grants

The ASA Committee on Women in Acoustics (WIA) is sponsoring a Young Investigator Travel Grant to help with travel costs associated with presenting a paper or poster at the Hong Kong meeting. Young professionals who have completed their highest degree in the past five years are eligible to apply if they are not currently students and have not previously received the award. Each award will be $900 with three awards anticipated. Awards will be presented by check at the WIA luncheon at the meeting. Both men and women may apply. Applicants should submit a request for support, a copy of the abstract for their presentation at the meeting, and a current resume/vita which includes information on their involvement in the field of acoustics and in the ASA. Submission by e-mail is preferred to Dr. Lily Wang . Deadline for receipt of applications is March 15, 2012.

2. Student Travel Support

The ASA will provide limited funds to some students to partially defray transportation expenses to attend Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong. To qualify students must submit a proposal containing the following information to Jolene Ehl at by April 9, 2012: Name, student status, institution, whether or not they have submitted an abstract for the meeting, ASA membership status, method of travel, and approximate cost of transportation.

3. Subsidy for Preregistration Fees Paid by Early Career ASA Members

Early career ASA members must be the first author of an abstract submitted for the meeting and an Associate or Full Member of ASA, presently affiliated with an organization located in North America, and within three years of their terminal academic degree. To qualify, they must send the following information to by February 15, 2012: Name, title of abstract, email address, current affiliation, highest academic degree, and date of degree. A check for $350 will be provided to all early career members satisfying the above conditions at the meeting in Hong Kong upon presentation of a copy of the receipt showing paid preregistration.

4. Reimbursement of Student Preregistration Fees for Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA), the Acoustical Society of China, and the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics are offering grants to reimburse preregistration fees for students attending this meeting. Applicants should visit the websites of these organizations for information.

ASA will provide grants to reimburse preregistration fees for students from North America. Applicants are required to be the first author of an abstract submitted for the meeting, and to be a student at a school in Canada, the United States, or Mexico. To qualify, students must send the following information to by February 1, 2012: Name, title of abstract, email address, and name of their school with full address. ASA will provide a check in US dollars for $300 to all applicants satisfying the above conditions at the meeting in Hong Kong upon presentation of a current student ID and copy of the receipt showing paid preregistration.

5. Fee for Submitting Additional Abstracts

The fee for submitting additional abstracts for presentation at Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong has been reduced from $550 to $200 per abstract. Each corresponding author may submit a maximum of three abstracts, except those authors who register as students. Corresponding authors who are students are limited to a maximum submission of two abstracts. [Note: A corresponding author is the author who submits the abstract and receives all correspondence related to the abstract.]

The registration fee paid by the corresponding author covers only his/her first abstract. Corresponding authors (including students) who wish to submit additional abstracts must pay a fee of $200 for each additional abstract.

Payment of the additional fee applies only to the corresponding author of each paper. You may be a coauthor (and not a corresponding author) on as many abstracts as desired without paying additional registration fees.

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