Aging and Speech Communication: 4th International and Interdisciplinary Research Conference

The goal of the fourth conference on Aging and Speech Communication is to integrate auditory and cognitive approaches to understanding age-related declines in speech communication. The conference will bring together researchers working around the world in the areas of cognitive processing and sensory perceptual processing, especially hearing, to share their latest research findings with regard to aging and speech communication. Speech communication is an ability that involves both sensory encoding of acoustic information and the processing of that information by higher cognitive centers. Aging is known to impact both the peripheral sense of hearing and some cognitive functions that may be critical for processing the peripherally degraded auditory input. By bringing together scholars actively involved in research in these areas, it is hoped that further progress will be made in understanding and remedying the speech-communication difficulties of older adults.

Indiana University, Bloomington October 10-12, 2011

The conference program and information about registration, call for poster submissions, student scholarships, travel, and local arrangements are available at the conference website Some important dates follow:


Registration and poster abstract submission opens June 1, 2011.
Poster abstract submission and student-scholarship application closes July 15, 2011.
Registration closes September 10, 2011.

For this conference, a new initiative has been implemented and advertised in which stipends of up to $300 each will be provided to those wishing to attend the conference, but in need of family care while in attendance. These stipends may be used to cover the travel expenses of the attendee’s childcare provider so that the childcare provider (baby sitter, spouse, grandparent, etc.) can accompany the attendee and the attendee’s child to the conference. Special conference registrations will also be made available on the conference registration website to permit the childcare provider and child the opportunity to have conference meals with the attendee. Requests for such stipends and registrations will be made by the attendee during registration and will be limited to the first ten such requests received for the 2011 conference (on a first come-first served basis).

Conference Advisory Committee:
Larry E. Humes, Indiana University (Chair)
Judy R. Dubno, Medical University of South Carolina
Sandra Gordon-Salant, University of Maryland
Louise Hickson, University of Queensland, Australia
Kathleen Pichora-Fuller, University of Toronto-Mississauga, Canada
Jerker Ronnberg, University of Linkoping, Sweden
Mitchell Sommers, Washington University

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